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Energy Conservation & Management

Pojoaque Pueblo Services has completed numerous energy conservation and management projects. We have Energy Conservation & Managementteamed with Square D/Schneider Electric on several major Smart Grid projects for the Department of Defense and are in the process of completing a Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé Agreement. The power management needs of the military are critical to their mission and cover areas larger than many U.S. cities. Pojoaque has also worked with other Smart Grid industry leaders, including Southern California Edison, BetaLED, Trane, and Alterton to reduce consumption through better power management.

Some of our projects include:

  • Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Installations

  • HVAC upgrades to energy efficient systems

  • Facility Management Systems with -

    • Environmental Health and Safety
    • Mechanical Systems – HVAC, Gas, Water, and Steam
    • Power Systems – UPS Systems, Transformers, Generators
    • Building Automation – Security, Monitoring, Lighting, EMCS
    • Life and Safety Systems – Sprinkler, Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting
    • Space Management – Modular and Office Furniture, Design and Layouts

  • Street, Parking, and Walkway LED Lighting

  • Centralized Control Rooms to manage and oversee the Smart Grid systems

  • Communication Systems to operate and manage the Smart Grid systems

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