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Access Control – This includes Smart Gates, Fences, Barriers, ATFP Aware Landscaping, Recognition and Intrusion Detection, as well as asset protection Crash-Rated Vehicle Security Gatesystems to control entry into facilities using the latest in card and barrier technology.We canassist in identifying anddefining the operational requirementsfor Smart Card and Smart Gates, develop systems using Smart Card technology, install entry control systems, and provide Life Cycle Support. Access Control Systems comprise the equipment used to process personel to a specific areas. These systems may be connected to a Regional Monitoring Center, a local area network or act as stand alone equipment.

Site Planning – Which is concerned with minimum standoff distances, building separation, unobstructed space, drive-up and drop-off areas, access roads and parking beneath or on rooftops of buildings.

Structural Design – This includes the fundamental components of the building – including columns and walls, floors and the specific performance characteristics of major load-bearing elements such as beams or columns. The performance of the structure is measured through engineering analysis to determine if the building can withstand removal of at least one major structural element without triggering progressive collapse.

Architectural Design – Which includes many components of building
architecture, including glazing, window frames, exterior doors, sealing and architectural layout. Doors and windows should meet minimum requirements for blast resistance and fragmentation.

Sealing Methods – Which consider how to prevent the migration of airborne hazards such as chemical, biological or radiological threats.

Electrical and Mechanical ATFP Design – Concerns include electrical distribution systems and HVAC systems. Often referred to as critical infrastructure, they include fresh-air intakes, ventilation systems and electrical service connection points. The major concern is applying methods of construction and locating critical equipment to minimize vulnerabilities that terrorists could exploit.

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